Why father why?

Posted by lastletter on January 9, 2013 at 8:25 AM

I have met them all, I have seen it all.

No change I have seen, no prosperity I have noted.

Only hatred and anger among brother and sister.

Only sadness and sorrow in the faces of the children.

Why father why?


Why is the nation falling apart?

Why are fools who pretend to be wise?

Stupidity of the young minds is not to ask why.

Theories about the father were brought up while the power of the father is deep down the child.

Father tell me why.

Why father why?


Why are your children so agitated that they form their own laws so to suit their own needs?

Why are they selling your name so to fill their own pockets while your children are killed by hunger and starvation?

Why do you let them fool us?

Why do you let them feed your children toxic knowledge forcing us to slavery by means of brainwash education?

Why father why?


Why no one is there to answer me?

The daily false philosophers bring more unreciprocated questions to my mind.

Why is the understanding of the universe not known to all humans while they live in this universe?

Tall walls painted in red with the blood that was lost during the previous combats are still standing.

Why should man hide being another man’s blood?

I prefer to explore the unjust world and conqueror the dry universe with the power inside me.

Why father why?


Why do we have eyes if we can not see?

Why do we have brains if we can not think?

Why do we have hearts if we are not to love?

Oh I remembered those eyes are blinded by the cruel sights we daily see, those brains were eradicated by brainwash education and those hearts have turned to be stones of sadness and sorrow.

Why the life we are living has no significance?

One day I shall find the answers to why…

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