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First Lady of France visited SKY foundation October 15, 2013.


Founded in 1987 by then sixteen-year-old Bob Nameng, Soweto Kliptown Youth (SKY) provides hope and services to some of the most neglected children in South Africa through formal and informal programs to support children and teens.  As a non-profit organization and one of the oldest surviving youth centers in Soweto, SKY aims to serve the mental and physical needs of the youth of Kliptown, a suburb of the former black township of Soweto in Gauteng, South Africa.  Originally located at the two-roomed home of Bob’s aunt, SKY originated as an after-school program for neighborhood children who came to the center for choir sessions.  As the numbers increased, attention became focused on matters that impacted the daily lives of the children while adding drawing and reading to the program.  Activities were later expanded to include performance arts, support groups, and empowerment and life skills classes for girls, in addition to sports such as soccer, basketball, and cricket to teach the children assertiveness and confidence.  The organization has a strong relationship with the community and its surrounding areas and maintains a presence in order to address the challenges faced by the community in general.  The presence in the community provides the opportunity to maintain strong links at all times.  The results are obvious.  The minute you enter the community, the children are joyful and warm despite the many hardships they face every day.  They have pride, energy, and talent, and they abundantly share it with others.  Through SKY’s programs and services, they have a chance to make it.

The CEO of SKY Foundation has a vision of expanding SKY to other areas.  At present, SKY has satellites in four provinces: Kwazulu-natal, Durban Free State - Welkom , Eastern Cape- Thundergate and North-West Mafikeng.   

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Name:  Bob Nameng

DOB 1970-07-01

Place of Birth  : Meadowlands Zone 1

Early education  : Paul Mosaka Primary School

Education path    :  Progress High School


Professional soccer player for Wits

3 year  theatre course at Soyikwa Theatre (Newtown)

4 year course of Cosmetology at Sof n Easy (Braamfontein)


[Previous activities]

2003 Israel (training informal education)

2004 Olympics Greece Torchbearer

2006 Australia common wealth games

2010 Visited Nobel Peace Prize Center (Oslo)

2011 Hosted national coach of Norway

2012 Exchanged program with France institute

2011/2012 Participated in  Norway Cup football tournament.



2003 Won Pilgrim Award

2007 CNN Hero award

2013 TED-x presentation(Warwick university)

2013 Developed Community in France called Uzest

Community development:

  In 1986 he stared KCYC which stands for Kliptown Children and Youth Club that gave birth to Soweto Kliptown Youth (SKY) in 1987 till today they are still in existance.

Spiritual Vibe presented live and direct in China.(November 2013)

First donor for X-mas camp

Pav from Warwick university
''Thanks for your donation '' SKY said