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Why father why?

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I have met them all, I have seen it all.

No change I have seen, no prosperity I have noted.

Only hatred and anger among brother and sister.

Only sadness and sorrow in the faces of the children.

Why father why?


Why is the nation falling apart?

Why are fools who pretend to be wise?

Stupidity of the young minds is not to ask why.

Theories about the father were brought up while the power of the father is deep down the child.

Father tell me why.

Why father why?


Why are your children so agitated that they form their own laws so to suit their own needs?

Why are they selling your name so to fill their own pockets while your children are killed by hunger and starvation?

Why do you let them fool us?

Why do you let them feed your children toxic knowledge forcing us to slavery by means of brainwash education?

Why father why?


Why no one is there to answer me?

The daily false philosophers bring more unreciprocated questions to my mind.

Why is the understanding of the universe not known to all humans while they live in this universe?

Tall walls painted in red with the blood that was lost during the previous combats are still standing.

Why should man hide being another man’s blood?

I prefer to explore the unjust world and conqueror the dry universe with the power inside me.

Why father why?


Why do we have eyes if we can not see?

Why do we have brains if we can not think?

Why do we have hearts if we are not to love?

Oh I remembered those eyes are blinded by the cruel sights we daily see, those brains were eradicated by brainwash education and those hearts have turned to be stones of sadness and sorrow.

Why the life we are living has no significance?

One day I shall find the answers to why…

Seeds of today are flowers of tomorrow

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Seeds of today are flowers of tomorrow

Oh plant fellow Africans.

Oh plant to take away this pain and sorrow,

That is cursing our nation,

Destroying god’s plantation.

To the all mighty we are all good vegetation,

Why is the devil feeding us temptation.

Oh plant brothers and sisters oh plant.


The actions that you take today will always be the ones to choose you a way.

Poverty on its own is an attack to demoralize a black man’s mind.

Killing the thoughts with violent attacks, silently it happens with no sound yet invisible destroying anything in its way.

Oh plant kings and queens oh plant.


Plant as bob Marley did, what about Marcus Garvey or Steve biko.

A legacy they left for you to keep the fire burning.

Tools to free yourself from mental slavery.

Do n’t expect to receive fortune in a delivery.

Work hard and sweat shall fall before your reward follows.

Plant sons and daughters oh plant.


Killing each other is not a solution.

Guns, knives, liquor and drugs are a huge distraction,

That collapses the nation.

The struggle is still on as long as the rich society walks superior in our fathers land.

While we have nothing in our hand.

Oh plant children of Africa oh plant.


they show lack of respect and appreciation while driving their Mercedes Benz floating with their bmws rocking with super fast jaguars and lexus passing you hungry day and night.

oh plant child of the soil oh plant.


new colonisation must have taken over,

as the spread of babylon system is all over.

why do you fear your own brother and sister,

Why hate your own father and mother.

You must be living in the rat race.

Where no truth is the truth and lies are lies.

What I see is that when the cat is away the mice play.

Oh plant nations and generations oh plant

Words of liberation for my nation

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Chains of slavery are still over my people.

Notorious minds still over power innocent minds.

What can free the black child, what can free my nation?

I ask in pain and suffering in the dark jail cells,

What can free me from mental slavery?

How to know right from wrong?

How to think free and build a free society?

The solution is in the words of liberation, the words of wisdom.


I write and recite a revolution, my revolution my poetry.

I do n’t need praises or worship but only recognition and understanding of the people to words of liberation, understanding of poetry.

I stand before you to present poetry,

I stand before you to present the words of liberation to my nation.


Poetry that builds, poetry that destroys.

Poetry that destroyed the impious minds of colonists in Rhodesia.

I speak of poetry that built freedom in South Africa.

When I speak of poetry I mean the true meaning of words.

Words of wisdom,

Words of freedom,

Words of liberation,

Words to free my nation.


The words of liberation to my nation

Words of liberation to free my generation



SKY on the way to Zimbabwe

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The invitation is set to allow intercultural exchange with Youth from Zimbabwe and by so doing interact and share ideas about change that the South Africa, Zimbabwe and other countries may be exposed to in bring forth change to the lives of the youth.

The invitation for SKY came through Pastor Jerrinos Ziwerere who at his stay in South Africa years back was part of Soweto Kliptown Youth and had experienced what other Youths are experiencing and beyond. It is through the teaching he received at SKY that helped Jerry to be an icon of recognition in South Africa and in Zimbabwe.

More details on the visit will costantly updated in the SKY website and checkout the fundrasing towards this event in the Donations page of the website.