Education is a Key to success

Children are the future

After all we are one

To encourage children to school one needs to meet the neccessary needs

A hungry stomach leads to a hungry brain

Oskido believed to bring inspiration to the children

Soccer Pitch project opening with SKY boys FC

Story time - The real time to be informed

Where ever you go you will always find home


SKY is focused on supporting the educational development of everyone who is associated with the organization from its management team to each individual member.  Through the computer lab and library, individuals are able to advance both their skills and knowledge within the organization.  Through the computer lab, unemployed youth are provided basic computer lessons.


Because there are no schools in Kliptown, children must travel far from their homes to attend school.  Adopt-a-Child is a program that offers children a chance to get the best education by providing free transportation, help with school fees, and lunch through the support of a sponsor, who, initially, are often visitors to SKY.  Each sponsor provides a child with school fees and lunch along with other assistance as needed.


We believe that the aged are the powerhouse of knowledge and represent the past.  Without them there would be no present or future.  Therefore, we care for our aged by providing transportation to and from pension locations, grocery shopping, offering physical and emotional support in difficult times, and assisting with space for prayer meetings during the week.  We also sponsor a program for those affected by HIV/AIDS.


Through the Exchange Program, members of SKY are given the opportunity to travel abroad to learn additional skills and, at times, for fundraising initiatives.  Exchange programs have also been created with schools from abroad, allowing members the opportunity to study abroad as well as the opportunity for SKY to host international guests.  Through this program, SKY has developed relationships all over the world.


Feed the Children provides school children of Kliptown the opportunity to receive meals on a daily basis. The children arrive in the morning to receive lunch boxes and in the afternoon for an after school meal.  This program is critical to the community since HIV/AIDS has left some children to be raised by their grandparents who may not have the means to support them.


KCYC Vision of Youth is an institute that focuses on arts and culture and represents the largest entity within SKY.  Through KCYC talented young men and women get a chance to prove their ability to help bring change in their community through any career field or talent of their choice.  KCYC also offers an exchange program of traditional dance and other programs with other satellite locations of SKY.  In addition to arts and culture, young people are also offered education through computer literacy and group study days providing the opportunity to shine artistically and academically.  KCYC has proven to be the bridge for young and old people of Kliptown and the surrounding Soweto community by giving young people a chance to become professionals through leadership and team building through instruction by older residents.  Some participants of KCYC have had the opportunity to expand their knowledge through trips overseas.


We see sports as an important tool to building a nation, with its ability to unite people.  We have soccer teams, a basketball team, a netball team, and assist a sports academy in addition to other soccer teams. This program contributes to the development of soccer throughout the country and thus has a major impact on local football leagues.


As one of our newer programs, this academic program targets young children with the aim of helping them shape their destiny through storytelling, research, and performance.  While focused on children, this program has a variety of creative workshops for both children and adults.


Uhambo Tourism, a program that has been maintained through difficult times, provides young people with the training to enter the tourism industry by linking tourism and community involvement.  After reaching a certain standard, participants are offered assistance to obtain further education.  The program’s coordinator is a nationally recognized and qualified tour guide.

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when is one passionate about anything, education increases the passion

SKY boys FC in Norway `cup 2010

Nothing is best than being creative and innovative
               SPIRITUAL VIBE

Spiritual vibe is one of the best shows that inspire the youth.The show develop the spiritual being of young people by instilling the fear of God into their lives. Through the show we encourage  youth to guard education as their future and inheritance.